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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Effect of Photodynamic therapy on the chemically transformed tissue of miceJayasree, RS; Gupta, AK; Mohanan, PV
Apr-2013Total magnitude of diffusion tensor imaging as an effective tool for the differentiation of gliomaSmitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
Jun-2013Fluorescence spectroscopy as a highly potential single entity tool to identify chromophores and fluorophores: study on neoplastic human brain lesionsNazeer, SS; Ariya, Saraswathy; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
Aug-2013Segmentation and volumetric analysis of the caudate nucleus inAlzheimer’s diseaseJiji, S; Smitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Pillai, VPM; Jayasree, RS
Jan-2014Fluorescence spectroscopy to discriminate neoplastic human brain lesions: a study using the spectral intensity ratio and multivariate linear discriminant analysis.Nazeer, SS; Saraswathy, A; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
Oct-2015Fractal analysis: fractal dimension and lacunarity from MR images for differentiating the grades of gliomaSmitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
May-2014Noninvasive assessment of the risk of tobacco abuse in oral mucosa using fluorescence spectroscopy: a clinical approachNazeer, SS; Asish, R; Venugopal, C; Balan, A; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
Jul-2015Relative percentage signal intensity recovery of perfusion metrics? An efficient tool for differentiating grades of gliomaSmitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
2008Three-year follow-up of oral leukoplakia after neodymium:yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser surgeryVivek, V; Jayasree, RS; Balan, A; Sreelatha, KT; Gupta, AK
2009Autofluorescence spectroscopy for the in vivo evaluation of oral submucous fibrosisHaris, PS; Balan, A; Jayasree, RS; Gupta, AK