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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Effect of 980-nm diode laser and 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser on the intervertebral disc--in vitro and in vivo studiesJayasree, RS; Gupta, AK; Bodhey, NK; Mohanty, M
2006Temperature dependent Raman spectra of nona aqua lanthanoid (Pr) single crystalJayasree, RS; Bushiri, MJ; John, A; Nayar, VU
1996Infrared and polarised Raman spectra of tetramethyl ammonium Cerium (III) Bis (sulfate) trihydrateJayasree, RS; Nayar, VU; Jordanovska, V
2011Photodynamic effect of novel octaphosphante porphyrin evaluated by Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopyJayasree, RS; Sheshanath, VB; Sumy, VK; McNaughton, D; Langford, SJ
2009Optimum wavelength for the differentiation of brain tumor tissue using autofluorescence spectroscopySaraswathy, A; Jayasree, RS; Baiju, KV; Gupta, AK; Pillai, VP
2008Enhanced luminescence observed in polyaniline–polymethylmethacrylate compositesAmrithesh, M; Aravind, S; Jayalekshmi, S; Jayasree, RS
2008Polyaniline doped with orthophosphoric acid- a material with prospects for optoelectronic applicationsAmrithesh, M; Aravind, S; Jayalekshmi, S; Jayasree, RS
2006Vibrational spectra of mono, di and tri methyl ammonium double sulphates of rare earths Pr, Nd, Ho and EuJayasree, RS; Nayar, UV; Jordanovska, V
1996Infrared and polarized Raman spectra of RbAl (SO4)2.12H2OSuresh, G; Ratheesh, R; Jayasree, RS; Nayar, VU; Keresztury, G
Jun-2016An insight into the optical property of sub nano size glutathione stabilized gold clusterNair, LV; Nair, RV; Jayasree, RS