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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Children (10-12 years age) of women with epilepsy have lower intelligence, attention and memory: Observations from a prospective cohort case control studyGopinath, N; Muneer, AK; Unnikrishnan, S; Varma, RP; Thomas, SV
2015Concept of epilepsy surgery and presurgical evaluationRathore, C; Radhakrishnan, K
2015Dose-dependent teratogenicity of valproate in mono- and polytherapy An observational studyTomson, T; Battino, D; Bonizzoni, E; Craig, J; Lindhout, D; Perucca, E; Sabers, A; Thomas, SV; Vajda, F
2015A survey of epilepsy surgery in IndiaMenon, RN; Radhakrishnan, K
2015Autoimmune encephalitis: Clinical diagnosis versus antibody confirmationCyril, AC; Nair, SS; Mathai, A; Kannoth, S; Thomas, SV
2015CURRENT STATE OF INTERNATIONAL EPILEPSY GUIDELINESSauro, K; Wiebe, S; Pedley, T; Dunkley, C; Kumlien, E; Moshe, S; Nakasato, N; Perucca, E; Senties, H; Thomas, S; Wang, Y; Wilmshurst, J; Jette, N
2015Diffusion tensor imaging tractography of Meyer's loop in planning resective surgery for drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsyJames, JS; Radhakrishnan, A; Thomas, B; Madhusoodanan, M; Kesavadas, C; Abraham, M; Menon, R; Rathore, C; Vilanilam, G
2015Giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis) revisitedSai, SK; Thomas, SV
2015Reply: A single session of cerebellar theta burst stimulation does not alter writing performance in writer's crampMeunier, S; Popa, T; Hubsch, C; Roze, E; Kishore, A
2015Antiepileptic drugs and intrauterine death A prospective observational study from EURAPTomson, T; Battino, D; Bonizzoni, E; Craig, JJ; Lindhout, D; Perucca, E; Sabers, A; Thomas, SV; Vajda, F