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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Some health implications of globalization in Kerala, India.Thankappan, KR
2001Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and Control of Hypertension in the Elderly in Bangladesh and India: a Multicentric StudyHypertension study group – Md.Iftekhar Quasem; Mrunal S Shetye; Shiney C Alex; Anjan Kumar Nag; P S, Sarma; Thankappan, KR; R S Vasan
2001Changing roles of grass root level workers in primary health care: an inter-district primary health centre based study from Kerala, India.Nair, VM; Thankappan, KR; Sarma, PS; Vasan, RS
2001Assessing potential risk factors for child malnutrition in rural Kerala, IndiaSanghvi, U; Thankappan, KR; Sarma, PS; Sali, N
2001Ethical Issues in Biomedical Research on Human Beings.Thankappan, KR; Cash RA
2001The need for functioning ethical review boards. Conference report on ethical issues in health research in south Asia, Trivandrum, 29 January-01 February 2001Thankappan KR
2001A comparative evaluation of coefficient of friction and mechanical properties of commercially available foley cathetersRamesh, P; Joseph, R; Sunny, MC
2001Acoustic neurinomas during pregnancy: Report of two cases and review of literatureKachhara, R; Devi, CGC; Nair, S; Bhattacharya, RN; Radhakrishnan, VV
2001A dot-immunobinding assay (dot-Iba) for rapid diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.Sumi, M G; Mathai, A; Reuben, S; Radhakrishnan, V V; Sasikumar, S; Jayapal, V; Felix, J
2001A community-based study on induced abortions: some unanswered questions.Ravindran, T K S; Ramanathan, M; Alex, S C