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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Absent right superior vena cava and persistent left superior vena cava: The perioperative implicationsNeema, Praveen Kumar; Manikandan, Sethuraman; Rathod, Ramesh Chandra
2007Ebstein's anomaly, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and rheumatic mitral stenosis: role for combined electrophysiological and surgical management.Namboodiri, N; Rajeev, E; Dora, S K; Tharakan, J A
2007Endocardial endothelial cells stimulate proliferation and collagen synthesis of cardiac fibroblastsKuruvilla, Leena; Nair, Renuka R.; Umashankar, P. R.; Lal, Arthur Vijayan; Kartha, Chandrasekharan Cheranellore
2007Hypoxia and antioxidants enhance soluble ICAM-1 release from cardiac fibroblastsSapna, S.; Shivakumar, K.
2007Immortalization and characterization of porcine ventricular endocardial endothelial cellsKuruvilla, Leena; Santhoshkumar, T. R.; Kartha, Chandrasekharan Cheranellore
2007Induction of atrioventricular nodal reentry tachycardia with intravenous adenosine.Dora, S K; Namboodiri, N; Valaparambil, A K; Tharakan, J A
2007Pulmonary hypertension alters natural history of anomalous left coronary artery.Akbari, Jayesh; Theodore, Sanjay; Krishnamanohar, Soman R; Neelakandhan, Kurur S
2007Right pulmonary artery-to-left atrial fistula: a differential diagnosis of cyanosis without structural heart disease.Krishnakumar, Nair; Krishna, Manohar R; Tharakan, J A
2007Single coronary artery from right aortic sinus with septal course of left anterior descending artery and left circumflex artery as continuation of right coronary artery: a hitherto unreported coronary anomaly.Namboodiri, Narayanan; Harikrishnan, S; Tharakan, J A
2007Spontaneous coronary artery dissection of all major coronary arteriesHarikrishnan, S.; Ajithkumar, V. K.; Tharakan, J. M.