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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Awareness attitude and perceived barriers regarding implementation of the cigarettes and other tobacco products act in Assam, IndiaSarma, I; Sarma, PS; Thankappan, KR
2010Impact of alcohol on coronary heart disease in Indian menRoy, A; Prabhakaran, D; Jeemon, P; Thankappan, KR; Mohan, V; Ramakrishnan, L; Joshi, P; Ahmed, F; Mohan, BV; Saran, RK; Sinha, N; Reddy, KS
2010Risk Factor Profile for Chronic Non-communicable Diseases: Results of a Community-Based Study in Kerala, IndiaThankappan, KR; Shah, B; Mathur, P; Sarma, PS; Srinivas, G; Mini, GK; Daivadanam, M; Soman, B; Vasan, RS
2010Severe dental fluorosis and jowar consumption in Karnataka, IndiaChandrashekar, J; Thankappan, KR; Sundaram, KR
2010Analyzing sociodemographic factors among blood donorsShenga, N; Thankappan, KR; Kartha, CC; Pal, R
2010A Synthetic Scaffold Favoring Chondrogenic Phenotype over a Natural ScaffoldMohan, Neethu; Nair, Prabha D.
2010A Ring Artifact in the Left Ventricle on Transesophageal Echocardiography After Mitral Valve ReplacementMisra, Satyajeet; Koshy, Thomas; Sinha, Prabhat Kumar; Kapilamoorthy, Tirur Raman; Sivadasanpillai, Harikrishnan
2010Effects of epidermal growth factor on proliferation and migration of cardiosphere-derived cells expanded from adult human heart.Aghila Rani, Koippallil Gopalakrishnannair; Kartha, Chandrasekharan Cheranellore
2010A rare cause of foot drop after radiofrequency ablation for varicose veins: case report and review of the literature.Kumar, R Shiva; Gopinath, Malini
2010Acyl modified chitosan derivatives for oral delivery of insulin and curcuminShelma, R.; Sharma, Chandra P.