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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Cluster randomised controlled trial of a peer-led lifestyle intervention program: study protocol for the Kerala diabetes prevention programSathish, T; Williams, ED; Pasricha, N; Absetz, P; Lorgelly, P; Wolfe,R; Mathews,E; Aziz,Z; Thankappan, KR; Zimmet, P; Fisher, E; Tapp, R; Hollingsworth, B; Mahal, A; Shaw, J; Jolley, D; �Daivadanam,�M; Oldenburg B
2013Prevalence of coronary artery disease and coronary risk factors in Kerala, South India: A population survey - Design and methodsZachariah, G; Harikrishnan, S; Krishnan, MN; Mohanan, PP; Sanjay, G; Venugopal, K; Thankappan, KR
Mar-2013Growth and survival of cells in biosynthetic poly vinyl alcohol-alginate IPN hydrogels for cardiac applications Colloids and surfaces.Finosh, GT; Jayabalan, M; Sankar, V; Raghu, KG
Mar-2013The interactions of ethical notions and moral values of immediate stakeholders of immunization services in two Indian States: a qualitative studyVarghese, J; Kutty, VR; Ramanathan, M
Mar-2013Socio Demographic and Reproductive Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer – a Large Prospective Cohort Study from Rural IndiaJissa, VT; Nea, M; Matti, H; Pulikottil, OE; Mary, C; Rajaraman, S; Richard, M; Rengaswami Sankaranarayanan, R
Mar-2013Cytocompatibility Evaluation of the Mercaptoethanol capped CdSe Quantum Dots and CdSe/ZnS Core/ShellPainuly, D; Bhatt, A; Krishnan, VK
Mar-2013Poly Methacrylic acid modified CDHA nanocomposites as potential pH responsive drug delivery vehiclesVictor, SP; Sharma, CP
Apr-2013Screening Performance of Diabetes Risk Scores Among Asians and Whites in Rural Kerala, IndiaSathish, T; Kannan, S; Sarma, SP; Thankappan, KR
Apr-2013Cerebellar Sensory Processing Alterations Impact Motor Cortical Plasticity in Parkinson's Disease: Clues from Dyskinetic PatientsKishore, A; Popa, T; Balachandran, A; Chandran, S; Pradeep, S; Backer, F; Krishnan, S; Meunier, S
Apr-2013Pulsed laser deposition of hydroxyapatite on nanostructured titanium towards drug eluting implantsRajesh, P; Mohan, N; Yokogawa, Y; Varma, HK