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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2019Bioengineered mesenchymal cell sheets as an alternate to limbal stem cells for ocular surface reconstructionBalu V, Gopal
Oct-2019Evaluation of Immune response in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia treated with Arsenic TrioxideAnsu Abu, Alex
Nov-2019Analysis of Neurosphere formation and Autophagic status in different grades of GliomaPadmakrishnan, CJ
Dec-2019Polyamine mediated neuroprotection in a - synuclein expressing cell and animal models.Bejoy, Vijayan
12-Dec-2019Effects of Yoga on Motor Cortex plasticity, Motor Learning and Motor Deficits of Parkinson’s diseaseAsha, Kishore; Naveen Kalkuni, Visweswaraiah; Syam, Krishnan; Praveen, James
Jun-2019Protocol for development of a risk assessment tool for planning and management of religious mass-gathering events of India-a health system-strengthening initiativeSharma, U; Desikachari, BR; Sarma, S
Jul-2019Zinc oxide nanoparticle induced neurotoxic potential upon interaction with primary astrocytesSudhakaran, S; Athira, SS; Mohanan, PV
Jul-2019Strategies to tune electrospun scaffold porosity for effective cell response in tissue engineeringAmeer, JM; Anilkumar, PR; Kasoju, N
Jul-2019Content validity of the newly developed risk assessment tool for religious mass gathering events in Indian settings (Mass Gathering Risk Assessment Tool-MGRAT).Sharma, U; Desikachari, BR; Sarma, S
Aug-2019Controlled cross-linking of porcine cholecyst extracellular matrix for preparing tissue engineering scaffold. Biomed Mater Res. part BMony, MP; Anilkumar, TV