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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A 3D biodegradable protein based matrix for cartilage tissue engineering and stem cell differentiation to cartilage (vol 20, pg 49, 2009)Mohan, N; Nair, PD; Tabata, Y
2015Characterization and in vitro evaluation of electrospun chitosan/polycaprolactone blend fibrous mat for skin tissue engineeringPrasad, T; Shabeena, EA; Vinod, D; Kumary, TV; Kumar, PRA
2016Osteogenic efficacy of strontium hydroxyapatite micro-granules in osteoporotic rat modelChandran, S; Babu, SS; Krishnan, VSH; Varma, HK; John, A
2013Pullulan-histone antibody nanoconjugates for the removal of chromatin fragments from systemic circulationRekha, MR; Pal, K; Bala, P; Shetty, M; Mittra, I; Bhuvaneshwar, GS; Sharma, CP
2014Pulsed laser deposition and in vitro characteristics of triphasic - HASi composition on titaniumPalangadan, R; Sukumaran, A; Fernandez, FB; John, A; Varma, H
2012Structural characterization, mechanical properties, and in vitro cytocompatibility evaluation of fibrous polycarbonate urethane membranes for biomedical applicationsArjun, GN; Ramesh, P
2015Biomimetic fiber assembled gradient hydrogel to engineer glycosaminoglycan enriched and mineralized cartilage: An in vitro studyMohan, N; Wilson, JJ; Joseph, D; Vaikkath, D; Nair, PD
2011Development of segmented polyurethane elastomers with low iodine content exhibiting radiopacity and blood compatibilityDawlee, S; Jayabalan, M
2010Functional stability of endothelial cells on a novel hybrid scaffold for vascular tissue engineeringPankajakshan, D; Krishnan, K; Krishnan, LK
2013In vitro evaluation of bioactive strontium-based ceramic with rabbit adipose-derived stem cells for bone tissue regenerationMohan, BG; Babu, SS; Varma, HK; John, A