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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2015Multifunctional nano manganese ferrite ferrofluid for efficient theranostic applicationBeeran, AE; Fernandez, FB; Nazeer, SS; Jayasree, RS; John, A; Anil, S; Vellappally, S; Al Kheraif, AAA; Varma, PRH
Oct-2015Fractal analysis: fractal dimension and lacunarity from MR images for differentiating the grades of gliomaSmitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
Jan-2015An aqueous method for the controlled manganese (Mn2+) substitution in superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle for contrast enhancement in MRIBeerana, AE; Nazeerb, SS; Fernandezc, FB; Muvvala, KS; Wunderlich, W; Anil, S; Vellappally, S; Rao, R; John A, A; Jayasree, RS; Varma, HK
Aug-2015Rapid and simple method of photobleaching to reduce background autofluorescence in tissue sectionsSanthosh Kumar; Sandhyamani, S; Nazeer SS, SS; Jayasree, RS
Aug-2015Influence of tissue fluorescence measurement and imaging by autofluorescence of substrataSanthosh Kumar, B; Sandhyamani, S; Nazeer, SS; Jayasree, RS
Jul-2015Relative percentage signal intensity recovery of perfusion metrics? An efficient tool for differentiating grades of gliomaSmitha, KA; Gupta, AK; Jayasree, RS
Mar-2015Optical diagnosis of the progression and reversal of CCl(4)-induced liver injury in rodent model using minimally invasive autofluorescence spectroscopyNazeer, SS; Sandhyamani, S; Jayasree, RS
Jun-2015Fluorescence Imaging Assisted Photodynamic Therapy Using Photosensitizer-Linked Gold Quantum ClustersLakshmi V, Nair; Shaiju S, Nazeer; Jayasree, RS; Ayyappanpillai, Ajayaghosh
Jun-2015Evaluation of Antitumor Activity of Hesperetin-Loaded Nanoparticles Against DMBA-Induced Oral Carcinogenesis Based on Tissue Autofluorescence Spectroscopy and Multivariate AnalysisGurushankar, K; Nazeer, SS; Jayasree, RS; Krishnakumar, N
2015Fluorescence Imaging Assisted Photo dynamic Therapy Using Photosensitizer-Linked Gold Quantum ClustersNair, LV; Nazeer, SS; Jayasree, RS; Ajayaghosh, A