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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2015Glutathione-bearing fluorescent polymer-curcumin conjugate enables simultaneous drug delivery and label-free cellular imagingDey, S; Ambattu, LA; Hari, PR; Rekha, MR; Sreenivasan, K
Sep-2015Alginate stabilized gold nanoparticle as multidrug carrier: Evaluationof cellular interactions and hemolytic potentialDey, S; Sherly, MCD; Rekha, MR; Sreenivasan, K
Jan-2015Conjugating Curcumin to Water Soluble Polymer Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles via pH Responsive Succinate LinkerDey, S; Sreenivasan, K
Jan-2015Fluorimetric detection of hypochlorite using albumin stabilized gold nanoclustersGopu, CL; Shanthikrishna; Sreenivasan, K
Jan-2015Conjugation of curcumin onto alginate enhances aqueous solubility and stability of curcuminDey, S; Sreenivasan, K
Jan-2015Functionalized carbon dots enable simultaneous bone crack detection and drug depositionShanthikrishna; Radhakumary, C; Antony, M; Sreenivasan, K
May-2015Calcium ion modulates protein release from chitosan-hyaluronic acid poly electrolyte gelKrishna, AS; Radhakumary, C; Sreenivasan, K
2015Hydrogen-bond assisted, aggregation-induced emission of digitoninMathew, MS; Sreenivasan, K; Joseph, K
2015Detection and imaging of fatty plaques in blood vessels using functionalized carbon dotsKrishna, AS; Radhakumary, C; Sreenivasan, K
2015Ocular Surface Regeneration using Bioengineered Cell ConstructKumar, PRA; Shenoy, SJ; Kumary, TV; Chitra, R; Tilak, P; Nithya, J; Sreenivasan, K; Sabareeswaran, A; Vinod, D; Bernadette, MK