Academic Day Presentations on 20.04.2024 at 8 AM by Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies(AMCHSS)


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    Data Science for Public Health: Journey of a PhD Scholar
    (SCTIMST, 2024-04-20) Arun Mitra, Peddireddy
    Overview: Data Science has opened new avenues for addressing complex public health problems and demonstrated that it can drive significant improvements in health services and policy-making. This presentation outlines my journey as a PhD scholar at the Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies (AMCHSS) and my transition from public health to data science. The presentation will showcase some of the key projects including (a) AMCHSS COVID-19 Dashboard, (b) ICMR National COVID-19 Testing Database Project, (c) Trends in Caesarean Sections, (d) Disease Classification using Retinal Images, (e) Access to Stroke Facilities in India, and (f) Capacity Building in Public Health Data Science. The presentation will end with a brief overview of my PhD thesis on improving Maternal and Child Health services in tribal communities, illustrating both the challenges faced and learnings about the potential of data science to transform public health landscapes, particularly among Funderserved communities.
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    Migration and Health: A public health priority
    (SCTIMST, 2024-04-20) Tijo, George
    Overview: Migration and health are now recognised as a global public health priority. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identify migration's pivotal role in achieving their promise of ‘to leave no one behind’. Internal migration is far more than international migration; in a country like India, sometimes the distance and cultures they transit may be more than international migration elsewhere. Thanks to COVID-19, we know how complex the migration nexus is in India. Additionally, India has a shortage of data addressing migration and health. So, during my PhD journey, I have been exploring the migration and health data in the Census and other large-scale surveys like the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) and the Longitudinal Ageing Survey in India (LASI). This presentation will take you through a few papers published and work in progress regarding migration, particularly migration and health.