Academic Day Presentations on 20.01.2024 at 8 AM by Computer Division and Medical Records Department


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    Management of Beneficiary Schemes – MRD Perspective
    (SCTIMST, 2024-01-20) Christudas, J
    The discussion will focus on various activities of Medical records department related to Management of patient Beneficiary Schemes for accurate and efficient revenue cycle while minimizing denied claims. It involves initial patient registration to denial Management each stage plays a vital role in ensuring the financial wheels keep turning smoothly. The following activities will be discussed in detail: • Beneficiary Identification • Transaction Management System • Claim submission, and • Denial Management.
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    Security in Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
    (SCTIMST, 2024-01-20) Geetha, G
    The Security and Safety of Hospital Information Systems have emerged as a global healthcare challenge. This is because of the progress from the initial independent software applications to a highly interconnected ecosystem of systems with intricate data flow. Data flow not only occurs between medical devices but also flows between the medical devices and the Hospital Information System (HIS). With the introduction of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), the requirement for information sharing has increased for patient care and research. Due to this, HIS managers have to pay special attention to the security and confidentiality of information systems. This talk aims to suggest simple methods that can be utilized to maintain the status of hospital information security in terms of administrative, technical, and physical safeguards in the hospitals.