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Co-precipitation-hydrothermal mediated synthesis, characterization and toxicity evaluation of 2D Zn–Al LDHs in human osteoblast cells
(J Mater Sc, 2023-11) Ashtami, J; Mohanan, PV
LDHs, 2D (two-dimensional) clay material with memory effect clutches noteworthy properties like high surface area, ion-exchange capacity, tunable properties and possibility for wide elemental as well as anion combinations. A variety of LDHs are being explored for profuse applications including catalysis, absorbent material, flame retardants, drug delivery, polymer additives and bone regeneration. Recent research updates reveal the promising potential of LDHs in bone tissue engineering and are expected to grab a major hold in futuristic medicare. There have been tremendous efforts concentrated on fine-tuning the LDHs properties by controlling the growth parameters to improve its multi-functionality. In this study, an effort has been made to synthesize and characterize Zn–Al LDHs via the co-precipitation method with control over the nucleation and hydrothermal growth steps. The interactions of the fabricated Zn–Al LDHs with human osteoblast (HOS) cells were explored in the context of bone regeneration applications. The effect of Zn–Al LDHs on the mitochondrial function of HOS cells was examined. The study also evaluated the potential of LDHs to trigger apoptosis by using DNA fragmentation as the marker. The potential impact of positively charged LDHs on negatively charged DNA was also probed using the DNA laddering assay, as an audit on genotoxic potential.
Prosthetics and orthotics for persons with movement disabilities in India in the postpandemic milieu
(Prosthet Orthot Int, 2023-11) Prajapati, AK; Komath, M; Subhash, NN
The SARS-CoV-2 disease had a severe impact on global socioeconomic growth, and its harmful effects continue with virus mutation. Over the past 3 years, the pandemic has caused isolation, mental trauma, stress, financial losses, and various health complications in individuals. Recent reports have stressed the sufferings of the physically abled population. However, we should not neglect the challenges faced by the disabled population, which were more severe in many ways due to their dependency on others at various levels. The strategies implemented to contain the virus have further aggravated their sufferings and made it even worse because health care priorities were skewed toward public-centered care. As a result, it is difficult to determine the extent of care the disabled population received during the pandemic. Moreover, a single-centered study reports that amputations in India increased by 54.1% compared with those during the prepandemic era. This indicates the need for special attention to the physically disabled community, especially persons with movement disabilities. These individuals are partially dependent and have the potential to make significant contributions to the gross domestic product if included in the human resources pool. The Indian government had launched various initiatives to improve their living status. But delays in policy implementation, reduction in budget allocation, and the ongoing pandemic have derailed the efforts. For these reasons, this article emphasizes several challenges in movement disability care. In addition, it makes recommendations for improving the quality of life of persons with movement disabilities. These include collaboration, creating start-up businesses, applying state-of-the-art logistics, establishing a technological ecosystem, raising public awareness, accessing high-quality care, and using contemporary medical devices.
Corneal Epithelial Cell Sheet Engineering: Validation and Pre-Clinical Evaluation ( Project - 8223 )
(SCTIMST, 2023-01-20) Naresh, Kasoju; Anil Kumar, PR; Sachin J, Shenoy; Sabareeswaran, A; Chitra, Raghavan,
Development of titanium nitride coated coronary stent system ( Project - 8152 )
(SCTIMST, 2023-03-31) Subhash, NN; Muraleedharan, C.V; Harikrishnan,S